After four days of exciting competition the 2018 ECA Junior and U23 Canoe Sprint European Championships in Auronzo di Cadore, Italy, came to an end with final races in the 500 and200 meters distances. We’ve seen exciting races and familiar faces on the podium, but alsotough conditions in the afternoon part of the programme with strong wind and waves that caused trouble for the athletes.

It was a day to remember for Belarus. This country celebrated seven gold and three silver medals. It was Ina Sauchuk who was the fastest both in junior K1W 200 and 500 metresfinals, Nadzeya Makarchanka and Volha Klimava won in women’s U23 C2 500 meters final,Klimava was later also European Champion in women’s U23 C1 200 meters event. Men’sjunior K4 crew celebrated European title at 500 meters distance, Vladislav Lukashuk and Aliaksei Matusevich were the best in U23 C2 500 meters final and Aliaksandra Kalaur and Anastasiya Zhuk closed the successful day with gold medal in women’s C2 junior 200 metersfinal.

Poland finished the day with a total of four gold medals that were won by women’s U23 K4 500 metres crew, Justyna Iskrzicka and Paulina Paszek in women’s U23 K2 500 meters event,Bartosz Grabowski in men’s K1 junior 200 metres final and Sylwia Szczerbinska – DorotaBorowska in women’s U23 C2 200 meters event.

Ukraine too won four gold medals today. Dmytro Ozymok is the new junior EuropeanChampion in men’s C1 200 meters event, Liudmyla Luzan was the fastest paddler in women’s C1 U23 500 meters event, Oleh Kukharyk defended his European Champion title in men’s U23 500 meters event and gold medal was also won by Ukraine’s junior C4 crew in the 500metres event.

Rasmus Knudsen from Denmark added gold medal from the junior K1 500 metres race to hisyesterday’s 1000 metres title. Denmark celebrated two more European titles thanks to Pernille Knudsen in women’s U23 500 meters event and Katrine Jensen – Sara Milthers who were the fastest in women’s junior K2 500 meters event.

Lucia Valova brought much joy to Slovak fans winning the title in junior women’s C1 500meters event and silver medal in the 200 meters event. Slovak U23 K4 crew – Balaž, Zalka,Frana, Linka – won another gold medal for this country.

Andrea di Liberto won gold medal for Italy in men’s K1 U23 200 meters final and histeammate Carlo Tacchini won silver in 200 metres C1M U23 final. It was Vadim Korobov from Lithuania who became champion in this canoe event.

Biljana Relić from Serbia is the new K1W U23 200 meters event European Champion,Anastasiia Vazhinskaia from Russia was the fastest in women’s C1 junior 200 metres final, Laura Ruiz and Flore Caupain from France were the best in women’s junior C2 500 metresfinal, and women’s Czech K4 crew celebrated a title in junior 500 meters event.

Athletes from Great Britain, Hungary, Romania, Belgium, Georgia, Modlova, Germany and Latvia were also among the medallists today.

Next year the ECA Junior and U23 Canoe Sprint European Championships will be held in Czech Republic, on the venue that hosted the 2017 Senior Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe WorldChampionships in Račice.

RESULTS – Day 4 – 2018 ECA Junior & U23 Canoe Sprint European Championships, Auronzo di Cadore, Italy

K1W Junior 500m

1. Ina Sauchuk BLR
2. Emma Russel GBR
3. Sandra Ostrowska POL

K1M Junior 500m

1. Rasmus Knudsen DEN 2. Bojan Zdelar SRB
3. Jan Vorel CZE

K4W U23 500m

1. Poland 2. Hungary 3. Denmark

C1W Junior 500m

1. Lucia Valova SVK
2. Olga Aleksandrova RUS

3. Denisa Rahova CZE

C2W U23 500m

1. Nadzeya Makarchanka – Volha Klimava BLR
2. Aliia Almakaeva – Daria Kharchenko RUS
3. Liudmyla Luzan – Anastasiia Chetverikova UKR

K2W Junior 500m

1. Katrine Jensen – Sara Milthers DEN
2. Štepanka Sobiškova – Barbora Galadova CZE 3. Julia WIeczorek – Julia Olszewska POL

K4M U23 500m

1. Slovakia 2. Belarus 3. Ukraine

C4M Junior 500m

1. Ukraine 2. Russia 3. Romania

K1W U23 500m

1. Pernille Knudsen DEN 2. Helena Wisniewska POL 3. Noemi Pupp HUN

K1M U23 500m

1. Oleh Kukharyk UKR 2. Artuur Peters BEL
3. Jakub Zavrel CZE

K4W Junior 500m

1. Czech Republic 2. Hungary
3. Russia

C1W U23 500m

1. Liudmyla Luzan UKR
2. Mariam Kerdikashvili GEO 3. Eugene Dorange FRA

C2W Junior 500m

1. Laura Ruiz – Flore Caupain FRA
2. Maria Olarasu – Daniela Cociu MDA
3. Angelina Gubanova – Olga Aleksandrova RUS

K2W U23 500m

1. Justyna Iskrzycka – Paulina Paszek POL2. Marija Dostanić – Biljana Relić SRB
3. Line Langelund – Bolette Nyvang DEN

K4M Junior 500m

1. Belarus 2. Germany 2. Russia

C2M U23 500m

1. Vladislav Lukashuk – Aliaksei Matusevich BLR 2. Taras Mazovskyji – Denys Filatov UKR
3. Ilie Oprea – Oleg Nuta MDA

C1W Junior 200m

1. Anastasiia Vazhinskaia RUS 2. Lucia Valova SVK
3. Denisa Rahova CZE

K1M Junior 200m

1. Bartosz Grabowski POL2. Matuš Jedinak SVK
3. Yurii Zub UKR

C1W U23 200m

1. Volha Klimava BLR 2. Dorota Borowska POL 3. Afton Fitzhenry GBR

K1M U23 200m

1. Andrea di Liberto ITA 2. Arturas Seja LTU
3. Roberts Akmens LAT

C1M Junior 200m

1. Dmytro Ozymok UKR 2. Vitali Asetski BLR
3. Nikita Nekrasov RUS

K1W Junior 200m

1. Ina Sauchuk BLR
2. Netta Gabor HUN
3. Julia Olszewska POL

C1M U23 200m

1. Vadim Korobov LTU 2. Carlo Tacchini ITA 2. Artem Pron RUS

K1W U23 200m

1. Biljana Relić SRB
2. Adrienn Orosz HUN
3. Dominika Wlodarczyk POL

C2W Junior 200m

1. Aliaksandra Kalaur – Anastasiya Zhuk BLR

2. Laura Ruiz – Flore Caupain FRA

3. Maria Olarasu – Daniela Cociu MDA

C2W U23 200m

1. Sylwia Szczerbinska – Dorota Borowska POL 2. Nataliia Trukhanovich – Iryna Vikhruk BLR 3. Kseniia Kurach – Olesya Nikiforova RUS

All results are available here: results?gmt=2&gmt2=-120